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Organic is the way of life at Hermitage hill. Eat Organic, live organic and practice organic.

Life is beautiful, come! Let’s make it a celebration, The Uber-luxurious Lahermitage Resort at Lansdowne in Uttarakhand, beckons you to a journey of heavenly bliss, adventure and exploration. The journey from Delhi to Lahermitage Lansdowne, which covers a time of 5 hours is full of quest and excitement, unravel, telling the mystical nature, the beauty of the green trees and mountains, the serene view which becomes more lucid as we move closer to the destination- Lahermitage Resort Lansdowne.

Amidst the majestic mountains, the dappled blue morning sky, the cool breeze, the pictorial view of the mandal river, the chirpy morning visitors, the serene sky of the night makes it a perfect setting to rejuvenate the weary body and mind. The Lahermitage Resort at Lansdowne, Uttarakhand extends to a vast stretch of   55 acres of land and offers you a great choice of rooms extending from Lans View Suites, Wooden Cottages, Balcony Rooms and River View rooms.

The panoramic site of the River View rooms capture the tremendous beauty of Lahermitage Resort Lansdowne. The stay at Wooden Cottages is an experience of its kind, and apt destination for the honeymooners adding to joy, a candle light dinner under the veil of starry night. The cottages are spruced up, furnished and equipped with basic amenities and proper fenestration.

The jungle safari at Lahermitage is another feature with makes the stay vivid and enthusiastic , making the trip a memorable one. One can sight the Tiger in the dense Corbett Jungle. To mention the jungle trek adding fervor and excitement to the zeal of the real sportive ones!

Not to forget about the bonfires at night which makes the ambience amicable , worm and romantic too. The kids would have great moments in the various games that they can play at Lahermitage Lansdowne.

Get up early and have the magnificent view of the rising Sun from the mountain range and sip tea at the great view of the sunset behind the Lansdowne range.

The pet friendly Lahermitage Luxury resort at Lansdowne is a great relief to the Pet Owners who cannot part from their pets, the resort encourages and appreciates the pets, tending them with care and shelter. The dining area is immaculate , modish and splendid catering to a variety of delectable taste and sumptuous food ranging from a wide variety of local food, to multi cuisine and tandoori delights.

The cordial staff available round the clock, the care and hospitality makes it a home away form home. Luxuryresortinlansdowne

The modern and rustic ambience blends at Lahermitage Lansdowne making its a unique dwelling where solitude and luxury stand in juxtaposition synchronized in harmony. So if you are weary entangled in the nitty gritty of life , take a break and head to Lahermitage, luxury Lucy for a compete relaxation and rejuvenation.

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