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Escape from the scorching sun!!!

The LaHermitage resort at Lansdowne, Uttarakhand is one of the most favorable destination to escape the scorching heat of the sun during the extreme summer season.

The LaHermitage resort at Lansdowne, nestled in the lap of nature surrounded by the mammoth mountain ranges and mystical green valley seem to beckon the visitors assuring a blessed relief from the heat and a relaxation from the regular cacophony of the city life.

The clear blue skies, the refreshing cool breeze, the chirping and fluttering of the winged visitors, the verdant patches and the loo murmuring of the Mandal river all blend into a perfect symphony of love and harmony filling the heart with intense euphoria.

The jungle safari to experience and explore the rich wildlife is one of the exquisite feature of the visit and the excitement is further enhanced by the wildlife and nature photography.

The nature walk, the melting of dew drops, scenic views, the meandering pathways leading to the beautifully crafted, well furnished villas is an amazing experience, a blessed one!

The LaHermitage resort at Lansdowne, amidst the lofty mountains and picturesque view vouches for a perfect holiday destination with a lot of entertainment and a host of extended activities like the bird watching and the jungle safari.

The bountiful nature, the cool zephyr seems to whisper a song of respite, a song of celebration and jubilation, Live Life to the fullest.

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