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Lahermitage Monsoon journey begins

The meandering roads leading to LaHermitage, the twists and turns acquainting to the beautiful sights of nature, the green trees making pace in a regular rhythm alluring into a trance of their shade, the call of the tranquil mountains, the beauty of the nondescript villages that pass by, captivate the heart with love and a feeling of joy lingers on till reaching the resort.

The resort nestled in the lap of nature, the prevailing solitude fills the heart with joy and a quaint feeling of antiquity, recalling the halcyon days and myriad of such emotions brim up the heart with ecstasy to see the bountiful nature.

The rustic setup of the dwellings blending with the contemporary design wins over the heart with an inevitable fondness for the place.

The reception that stands high and placid is the heart of the resort, built with the natural endowments it magnifies the glory of nature, avoiding the veneer, the LaHermitage resort connects to nature and is a home away from home.

The low crude steps leading to the restaurant opening into a spacious hall, with a kind of vintage setup looks amazing!!!

The restaurant specializing in fusion cuisine caters to the need of the visitors.

The LaHermitage resort lends a look of terrace landscaping with the dwellings at a lower level, next the reception, a little steps higher the restaurant and then the subtle ridges paving way to the wooden huts.

The wooden huts articulately designed and furnished with the stroke of beauty and love is the romantic feature of the resort, the romanticism is further magnified by the solitude and the distant call of the cuckoo surcharging the placid atmosphere with a cadence of poetic delight.

The echo point reiterates the name of a beloved resonating till eternity casting a spell of love further intensified by the calm atmosphere, clouds drifting apart to give way to the luminous sunset visible from the sunset point, proclaiming the arrival of dusk leading to a transient oblivion.

The pinnacle of the terrace landscaping of the LaHermitage resort is the sunrise point which gives a panoramic breathtaking view of the sunrise.

The dappled sky, the hues of orange and pink shades scattered over the sky, the chirping of birds, the whispering breeze spreading a gospel of hope, ushering happiness, awakening to a sense of living liberty and strength.

The superficial charm of the bionic life melts and the celebration of the joy of existence prevails…

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