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Sunset at the hills of Lahermitage, Lansdowne.

Lo and behold, the beauty of the setting sun at LaHermitage Lansdowne.

The sunset appears to be a pantomime of love displaying myriad emotions of beauty and delight Elating the heart with boundless joy.

A solemn spectacle, the fusion of orange, yellow, and golden shades that scatter across the limitless sky enthral the heart and eyes with beauty and wonder.

The sunset point is a luminous feature at LaHermitage Lansdowne, the setting sun that slowly usurps the sky, looks like a ball of fire, glowing in the sky, rendering a beautiful sight, the hues of golden, orange and yellow paint the earth and the sky with a magical tinge of awe and splendour.

The lofty mountains surrounding the LaHermitage resort radiate and gleam with pale tint of orange, whispering to the profound valley and the verdant ambience an untold tale of the mystical nature greeting the dusk with vibrant salutation.

The euphoria of the journey of the dawn till the dusk is a spectacular one!!!.

The mind calms and the heart finds solace, melting and merging the worries of the day in the light of the setting sun leading to a transient oblivion.

The sun slowly sulks behind the mountains bidding the last summon to the day, with the hope of a brighter and a happier tomorrow.

Sip tea and forget your worries @Sunsetpoint at Lahermitage Resort, Lansdowne.

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